Data Security



The cyber threat to Australian organisations is undeniable, unrelenting and continues to grow. If an organisation is connected to the internet, it is vulnerable. The incidents in the public eye are just the tip of the iceberg

The Australian Cyber Security Report 2015

Would You Risk…

  • Your Trade Secrets
  • Your Customers details
  • Your Reputation
  • Your Finances
  • Your Legal Obligations


In 2016 we have seen a complete arsenal of Cyberattacks all designed to Steal or Disrupt your access to data, these attacks ranged from crypto lockers all the way through to large scale attacks that took down the ABS on Census night in 2016.

The threat is absolutely real and my time working at large telcos I was astonished at how frequent I come across businesses that had been attacked with Ransomware, when we performed our analyst 90% of the customers thought they had implement enough security within the business to protect their data, 70% of our findings discovered it was an employee who unknowingly triggered the attack, by opening an email or downloading malicious software.

The real challenge is how to best protect not just your data but also, Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets and maintain your Competitive Advantages. To simplify Data Security and where we focus our attention I have broken it into the below Models.

Either you’re a 1 man show or a multi-national, every business need to consider these models.

Data Security Modules  Description
Endpoint Security How do you manage Anti-virus and Malware protection?
Network Security Who has access to networked resources and domain authentication accounts?
Safe Computing Practises Do you employ Staff IT Policies and Safe use practises?
Firewall Protection Do you Monitor and Protect network gateways and Control who has access?
Software Patching Are you Maintaining vulnerability protection and stability with patching policies?
Remote Access Security What Vendors and IT staff have remote access to your data?
Mobile Device Management What do you do if an Employee loses a mobile device with company emails, attachments and pictures?
Wireless Security Changed that WIFI password since those staff were fired?

Does your WIFI have access to Business data?

Advanced Protection Systems Have you heard of User Behaviour Analytics and Security Posture Awareness?
Email Security Are staff able to email credit card details?


Most Cyberattacks started with an email, that could have been stopped before it reached the employee’s inbox.

Web Gateway Security Are you Filtering In and Outbound Internet traffic?
Reverse Proxy Are your running Web Applications, pen-tested it lately?
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