Productivity Maximisation


Your IT Systems should support Productivity, not hinder it!


Well thought out IT systems can give you peace of mind and an edge over your competitors.

Conversely, poorly implemented IT systems cause frustration and give your competitors an edge over you.

Today’s workers are more agile and mobile than ever before. Our customers have become accustomed to getting fast and accurate service, they now expect this from all suppliers. Quite simply businesses rely on well implemented IT systems to be able to meet our customers expectations.

How frustrated do you get when a vendor tells you “I’m sorry, our computers aren’t working properly today”, or “I’m sorry, I can’t find the information you requested”.

So what kinds of things can affect your productivity?


  • Are you using suitable systems / equipment
  • Do you have equipment that is no longer under warranty
  • Are your PCs, Servers and other IT regularly serviced
  • Are your PCs and Servers monitored
  • Do you have up to date Anti-virus


  • Can your employees work from any location
  • Can your employees work from mobile devices
  • Have you adopted cloud technologies
  • Is “mobile” access to your systems secure


  • Do you have slow computers
  • Do you have slow internet
  • Do you experience downtime
  • Have your systems been reviewed in the past 2 years

Staff Education

  • Is there a documented process to educate new staff
  • Do you have an effective method to communicate changes
  • Is there any competency testing


  • TBA

System Reviews

  • Do you get regular performance reports from your IT provider
  • Is there an annual review process
  • Is there a form for staff to feedback any issues or suggestions
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