How to stay Secure!

What is “IT Security”.

IT Security is about securing your business data and minimizing disruptions. Some of the considerations that you should be thinking about are:

Data Backup:

  • Is your data backed up to a cloud service?
  • Is it monitored to ensure success?
  • Is it tested on a regular basis?
  • Do you have an on-site copy for fast recovery if needed?

Mail Protection:

  • Is you mail filtered for Malware and Scams before it gets to your users inbox?
  • Does each device have up to date Antivirus that check mail?
  • Is the Antivirus monitored?

Web Protection:

  • Do all devices have Web Protection installed?
  • Does it block Malware and Scam sites?
  • Can you block sites you don’t want your users accessing?
  • Can you get reports on user activity?

Device protection:

  • Do all devices have Anti-Virus protection installed?
  • Is it monitored?
  • Can you get activity reports?

Intellectual Property Protection:

  • Do you know who has access to your data?
  • Do you have clear policies, signed by your employees and contractors?
  • Where is your data?

Password Policies and Storage:

  • Do you use strong passwords? – Weak passwords are a hackers free lunch.
  • Do you have a password policy for employees?
  • How are business related passwords stored? – The worst case I have seen is a MS Word document on a receptionists desktop with all business passwords, including bank accounts.
  • Do you know who has “Domain Admin” access? – recently we saw a 200 user call centre get infected with Ransom-Ware because an admin girl was given “Domain Admin” rights by their IT Provider.

All very good questions, but what to do with this?

There needs to be a balance between security and usability. With absolute security your systems become unusable. With loose security your systems become too vulnerable and you lose control over your critical business data.

There are some obvious things that all business should implement.

We work with you to determine what level of security should be applied to different systems and data. Critical systems and data should be highly secured, while others can have more relaxed security.

We then make recommendations for a security profile that is a good balance between secure and usable.

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