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Don’t get caught with Ransom-Ware or any other critical threats to your data!

Our Philosophy:

Quite simply when it comes to security of customers data, our thinking is “Do it properly or don’t do it at all”. In current times it isn’t enough to have a single approach to security.

Properly implemented security policies will minimise downtime, protect your reputation and ensure that you never lose critical business data.

What must be considered?

  1. Properly administered Domain/User security.
  2. Monitored Anti-virus.
  3. Monitored Web Protection.
  4. Monitored Backup, both on-site and Cloud based.
  5. Install Operating System and other software critical updates.

About the Plan A Security Suite:

The Plan A Security Suite uses industry reading software for both Servers and Desktops/Laptops and includes:

  1. Monitored Anti-virus.
  2. Monitored Web Protection.
  3. Monitored Backup, both on-site and Cloud based.
  4. Management of Operating system and other software updates.

We also offer consulting services on best practices for Domain/User level security.


All of these services are packaged into a single subscription which represents amazing value.

Type Price
Server Security (AV) From $30 / month
Server Ultimate (Management + AV + Cloud Backup) $156.75 / month
Workstation Basic (Managed AV) $10 / month
Workstation Complete (Managed AV + Document Cloud Backup) $15 / month
Workstation Ultimmate (Managed AV + Full Cloud Backup) $25 / month
1TB External HDD optional $110 / one off
  1. Prices based on 1 device. Volume discounts may apply. Complete the form below for a complete quotation.
  2. Prices include GST.

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