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Why do I need to fill in a Survey to see if I can get Broadband?

This is a question we get asked quite a lot so let me try to shed some light on it for you.

BroadBand Now is fast broadband delivered by radio antennae (Fixed Wireless Network). This means our equipment needs to be able to see your house. To do so, it will need a direct line of sight to the antennae we install on the top of your house. Unfortunately, if you happen to live in a hilly area or if there are other obstacles in the way such as buildings or trees, we may not be able to see you. That is why we get you to fill in the survey, we want to check your address before we get your hopes up.

The survey is completely obligation free. If you find out you can get our service but then decide against going through with it, we promise to part ways as good friends.

We have been expanding our services right down the Northern New South Wales Coast specifically into Ballina, Byron Bay and Kingscliff. So with more of our antennae set up the more likely we will be able to see your home and get you onto the fast broadband you deserve.


Find out today if you can get BroadBand Now – http://broadband.plana.com.au/bbn-broadband-plans/