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Why you need Email Gateway Security

Why you need Email Gateway Security.

The security industry has provided large businesses with effective email security solutions for many years, helping to address their heightened sensitivity to email risk.

Email gateway security solutions have proven particularly effective because they filter inbound and outbound email traffic at the email gateway, thus ensuring that only emails conforming to corporate policy are allowed in and out of the business. Because these solutions remove unwanted email before it reaches the email gateway, they also reduce bandwidth consumption over networks.

Mid-sized businesses historically have been less aggressive toward email security, due to lower perceived risk and a general lack of full-featured solutions suitable to their budgets and environments. Today, however, these companies face a constant barrage of spam, viruses, and other malware that can cause significant business harm—ranging from impaired productivity to lost business and brand damage.

News headlines frequently tout the proliferation of email-based spam and malware. In 2014, two-thirds of all email traffic was spam. For mid-sized businesses, spam and viruses have traditionally been a nuisance and productivity hindrance, so deploying anti-spam and antivirus solutions that could block most of this traffic was considered good enough….

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What is IT Data Security?

We have created a series of articles to help educate people about IT, this is our first article ‘What Is IT Data Security’

What Is IT Data Security and Popular Techniques used.

Data security, is the act of stopping unauthorized intrusion, use, inspection, or destruction of information. It is a term that covers all forms of data, this may be electronic or physical. The primary purpose of data security is to maintain protection over the integrity and confidentiality and availability of data.

It is quite common for small and medium scale business owners to ask the importance of data security for their businesses. Often, they are not sure what benefits such a technical term can do for their business.

Data security is important for all business. Hackers do not care about the size of your operation, all they are looking for are vulnerabilities to be mischievous with. Unfortunately, any naivety on the part of SMB often makes them have poor security practices which leave them vulnerable to attack.

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What is the Cloud and Why should I be using it?

What is The Cloud and why should I be using it?

The Cloud seems like a carefully kept secret with many people not fully understanding the possibilities and options that it opens for businesses. If right now you are asking yourself – but what is The Cloud then I will take a moment to explain. In the most basic terms rather than having all your software and applications sitting on a computer instead you can access all those applications through the internet.

Benefits of Using the Cloud

1. Mobility – Before you had to work where your computer was stationed. No one is going to carry a bulky desk station home each night but with the cloud wherever you have internet you have access to the cloud. Any computer can be used to access what you need.

2. Security – What would happen if your laptop died tomorrow? Is everything backed up? The bonus with The Cloud is that you can implement cloud based backup and recovery solutions which means your data is always backed up and secure. And on a side note if you happen to lose your laptop, the data on it can be removed remotely so that it never ends up in the wrong hands.

3. Sharing – Have you ever been working with someone else on a document and been sending multiple copied back and forwards. Are you sure you are working on the latest copy? When using The Cloud all files are stored centrally and everyone only sees one version. This improves collaboration among teams.

4. Flexibility – So many people are crying out for work/life balance. Employees love being given the opportunity to work from home and at times work outside of normal business hours. The Cloud offers this flexibility as they can access their data from any computer. Happy Employees = Productive Employees.

5. It grows with you – Typically businesses always have a couple of extra licenses, or storage capacity just sitting around for when they bring on a new staff member. The benefit of the cloud is that it always has the extra capacity when you need it. So rather than paying for what you don’t need just yet, you pay for what you need when you need it. It is also really easy to add new employees to your system and will only take a few minutes.

6. Upgrading is no longer your problem – All maintenance and upgrades of The Cloud is not your concern and you will never have to pay for it.


If you are interested in finding out more about The Cloud and seeing if this might work for your business, contact us today.