Fighting skin cancer together with SCARD

Skin Cancer Audit & Research Database (SCARD) Surgical Audit Project is a surgical log designed for doctors who treat skin malignancies. It has been designed to facilitate the easy recording of useful data at the time of treatment so that the treatment of skin cancers can be tracked. SCARD is provided free-of-charge for all users.

Designed initially as a self-audit tool for primary care skin cancer practitioners, SCARD acts as a tracking tool to enhance practice safety, and it also creates practice performance reports. Pooling of de-identified data enables participating practitioners to confidentially compare their own practice to that of their peers.

Additionally, this creates a large database with significant research potential, as SCARD records for every lesion de-identified practitioner and patient data, and extensive details of location, provisional and histological diagnosis, and the procedure(s) performed in its treatment.

The data presented are being analysed for further studies, and additional data continues to be collected from this ongoing project. SCARD is a useful tool at practice level, and substantial uptake by Australian primary care skin cancer practitioners has provided a unique opportunity for research into skin cancer and its management.

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PLAN A IT is committed to the ongoing development of the SCARD project and is committed to supporting the almost 1000 practitioners accessing SCARD.


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