We live in a world where everyone seems to believe that nothing bad will ever happen to them so they don’t have to take any steps to prevent the worst. Unfortunately, it is this kind of thinking that can make our job very difficult. Computer security is very important and let us show you why.

Picture this scenario, we get called out urgently to a business because a computer has crashed and they can’t access any of their data. We come out and look inside the computer only to realise that the hard drive is fried and there is no chance for recovery. We deliver the bad news but with the optimistic question – do you have a back-up? At this point the client’s day either gets better or much much worse. A yes answer means we just need to arrange a new computer and reinstall everything back onto it – the client’s downtime will be minimal. A no answer means we still arrange a new computer and get it setup but then they start the very slow process of hopefully being able to recreate everything they just lost. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible especially if it is client history or contracts that have been lost, in many instances the business simply closes down.

We have seen this scenario far too many times which is why we now offer back-up solutions tailored to your needs. We want to ensure that your data will never be lost. Plan A takes a four-pronged approach. We ensure you have:

  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Web Security
  • Managed Onsite Backup and
  • Managed Cloud Backup

Basically, what this means is you will never lose your data again.

To learn more about the Plan A Security Suite and to request a quote go to https://plana.com.au/backup-solutions/