Medical Industry Services

Plan A IT Pty Ltd has a wealth of experience in many industries, including Medical Research.

Tobias Wilson (Director of Plan A IT Pty Ltd) is the developer and co-creator  of the “Skin Cancer Australian Research Database (SCARD)”

What is SCARD?

Conceived in 2006 by Cliff Rosendahl, the Skin Cancer Audit & Research Database (SCARD) Surgical Audit Project is a surgical log designed for doctors who treat skin malignancies. It has been designed to facilitate the easy recording of useful data at the time of treatment so that the treatment of skin cancers can be tracked.

At the time of this writing SCARD has:

  • 857 Doctors
  • 254,258 Patients
  • 700,467 Specimens

SCARD is the largest skin cancer research database that we know of, which makes it an invaluable tool in the fight against cancer.

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